Colon & Rectal Surgery

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  • Symmetry® Knot Pusher, Saye/Reddick®, Closed

  • Retractor, Nathanson Style Liver, (Small, Med, Large), 6.5 mm Diameter, (Set of 3)

  • Retractor, Nathanson Style Liver, Small, 6.5 mm Diameter

  • Retractor, Nathanson Style Liver, Medium, 6.5 mm Diameter

  • Retractor, Liver, 6.5 mm Diameter, Large, Nathanson Style

  • Symmetry® Retractor, Symmetry Fan Liver, 5 mm

  • Symmetry® Retractor, Fan Liver, Adjustable, 5 mm

  • Symmetry® Retractor, Fan Liver, Adjustable, 10 mm

  • Ultra Instruments® Forceps, Tenaculum, Double-Action, Single Tooth, 5 mm, 350 mm

  • Ultra Instruments® Forceps, Claw Extractor, Heavy 2x3 Teeth, 10 mm, 32 cm

  • Ultra Instruments® Forceps, Cup Tooth Dissecting Monopolar, 5 mm, 350 mm, 32 cm