Lap. Hand Instruments

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  • RapidClean® Handle, Modular Carbon Fiber, Non-Locking Handle

  • Access Surgical® Laparoscopic Scissors, Reposable Tip, Hook, (5/pk)

  • Access Surgical® Laparoscopy Scissors, Metzenbaum, Reposable, Delicate, (5/pk)

  • Access Surgical® Laparoscopy Scissors, Reposable Tip, Hook, Single Pack

  • Access Surgical® Laparoscopy Scissors, Metzenbaum, Reposable Tip, Single Pack, Delicate

  • Symmetry® Punch, Laparoscopic, Curved, 2 mm Diameter, Medium, Reusable

  • Access Surgical® Laparoscopy Hook, In-Line Handle, 5 mm, 45 cm Shaft

  • Symmetry® Forceps, Extracting, Pressure Lock Handle, 5 mm, 24 cm Shaft

  • Symmetry® Forceps, 24 cm

  • Symmetry® Forceps, Aggressive, 24 cm

  • Symmetry® Forceps, Short Nose, 24 cm

  • Symmetry® Forceps, Grasping, Single-Action, 24 cm