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Suture PassOR PRO™ Series

Suture PassOR PRO™ Series

The Smart Way to Place Sutures in Minimally Invasive Surgery The Suture PassOR PRO™ is an intuitive surgical tool that ensures consistent, effective placement of sutures during a range of laparoscopic procedures. It facilitates closure of both small and large port sites and is helpful when securing prosthetic materials during laparoscopic hernia procedures. Designed to easily pass sutures through subcutaneous tissue, including fascia and peritoneum, the Suture PassOR PRO™ enables reproducible, uniform closure across varying patient anatomy. This minimizes complications and costs associated with post-operative port-site hernia. Throughout the procedure the complementary trocar swabs permit surgeons to easily remove fluid and debris that has accumulated within the trocar, thus minimizing smudging during reinsertion of the laparoscope and resulting in less surgical procedural delays.

  • Total: 3
Suture PassOR PRO™, 150mm Suture PassOR, one 10-12mm guide and two trocar swabs (5-8mm and 10-12mm), Sterile, (10/bx)
Suture PassOR PRO™, 150mm Suture PassOR, two guides (10-12mm and 15mm) and two trocar swabs (5-8mm and 10-12mm), Sterile, (10/bx)
Suture PassOR PRO™, 180mm Suture PassOR, two bariatric (XL) length guides (10-12mm and 15mm) and two trocar swabs (5-8mm and 10-12mm), Sterile, (10/bx)
  • Total: 3

Intuitive, effective and safe suture placement

  • Sterile, single-use device
  • 14-gauge stainless steel needle
  • Spring-activated handle for self closing jaw facilitates suture grasping
  • Intuitive operation, passes and retrieves suture in one simple step
  • Accommodates any size of suture or trocar port

Consistent port closure

  • Guide angles the suture passer in the right position
  • Uniform fascial closure reduces the risk of herniation
  • Works under direct visualization
  • No loss of pneumoperitoneum

Better visualization throughout the procedure

  • 5-8mm and 10-12mm trocar swabs
  • Radiopaque, rigid yet flexible trocar swabs
  • Soft, non-abrasive surgical foam tip


Fact Sheet

Suture PassOR PRO™ Fact Sheet

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