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Scope Management Series

Scope Management Series

The Scope Management Series includes a comprehensive and versatile range of intraoperative solutions to ensure optimal scope vision in various endoscopic-laparoscopic surgeries. Our single-use products are bundled or individually packaged to meet all user needs. Whether it’s colorectal, gynecology, general surgery, urology, or orthopedics, these state-of-the-art tools provide consistent and cost-effective results.

  • Total: 10
Liquid Scope HelpOR™
Liquid Scope HelpOR™ II
Scope HelpOR PRO™, Lap Scope WarmOR™ warming sheath, two trocar swabs (5-8mm and 10-12mm) one microfiber cloth, one anti-fog solution with radiopaque sponge, Sterile, (20/bx)
Liquid Scope WarmOR™, Long version (three buttons), Sterile, (10/bx)
Liquid Scope WarmOR™, Short version (two buttons), Sterile, (10/bx)
Scope HelpOR™
Lap Scope WarmOR™, Medical Grade, Reusable 6V AC Transformer, EA
Lap Scope WarmOR™, Medical grade 9V reusable AC transformer and DC voltage converter, Sterile, EA
Scope CleanOR™
AntifogOR™, 6ml anti-fog solution with radiopaque sponge, Sterile, (10/bx)
  • Total: 10

Effective Scope Warmer

  • Provides immediate clarity when the scope enters the cavity for the first time.
  • Eliminates scope fogging in the procedure’s initial 15-20 minutes.
  • Reduces the need to remove and reinsert the scope repeatedly.

Instant Heat Source

  • Warms in seconds by simply clicking the metal disk.
  • Reaches peak temperature of 50 +/- 5oC (122 +/- 20oF) within 5 minutes.
  • Warms the scopes to body temperature (~100oF / 37.8oC) in 10-15 minutes (Recommendation: Start the warming process before draping the patient.)
  • Maintains warmth for 40 minutes.

Intuitive, click activation

  • Includes intuitive click activation.

Versatile and cost-effective

  • Accommodates all sizes and lengths of scopes.
  • No need for cleaning, sterilization, or assembly.
  • No capital equipment is required to support the use of the device, e.g., batteries or electrical connections.

Size (small and light)

  • Reduces the “real estate” required on the shelf.
  • Requires minimal freight cost.
  • Minimally impacts the environment.


  • A sterile, self-contained device.