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Scope CleanOR™


Scope CleanOR™, Two trocar swabs (5-8mm and 10-12mm), one microfiber cloth, Sterile, (25/bx)

The Smart Way to Clean Scopes and Trocars The Scope CleanOR™ is a smart, cost effective system that safely cleans the scope lens and trocar valves during endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery. Consisting of one microfiber cloth and two trocar swabs (5-8mm and 10-12mm), the Scope CleanOR™ helps surgeons to regain their surgical vision quickly by simply wiping the scope and removing any debris from the trocar cannula. The Scope CleanOR™ can be used in conjunction with the Liquid Scope WarmOR™ and Lap Scope WarmOR™ to reduce any scope fogging at the beginning or during the surgery.

Simple, cost-effective Scope Cleaning

  • Disposable, ready-to-use microfiber cloth and trocar swarbs
  • Microfiber cloth wipes away persistent smudges without leaving any lint, dust or fibers behind
  • Trocar swabs, available in 5-8mm and 10-12mm size, are inserted into the cannula to absorb any fluid and remove debris from the trocar cannula


Instructions for Use

Scope CleanOR™ IFU