Scope HelpOR

Scope HelpOR

The Clear Way to Achieve Surgical Vision The Scope HelpOR™ is a smart, cost-effective scope management system that helps to optimize surgeons’ vision during traditional and robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery. By combining the tools that reduce condensation and scope fogging with those needed to keep the scope lens and trocar valves free of debris, the Scope HelpOR™ provides everything needed for effective scope management.

  • Total: 2
Lap Scope WarmOR™, Medical grade, reuseable 6V AC transformer, EA
Scope HelpOR™, Lap Scope WarmOR™ warming sheath, two trocar swabs (5-8mm and 10-12mm) one microfiber cloth, Sterile, (20/bx)
  • Total: 2

Warms and defogs scopes

  • Disposable, sterile scope warmer
  • Plug & Play application
  • Warms the laparoscopes to body temperature in 3-4 minutes, reducing the condensation that causes the scope to fog during the procedure
  • Stays warm throughout the entire procedure
  • Accommodates scopes up to 12mm in size,  including bariatric and robotic scopes

Cleans scopes and trocars

  • Microfiber cloth wipes away persistent smudges without leaving any lint, dust or fibers behind
  • Trocar swabs, available in 5-8mm and 10-12mm size, are inserted into the cannula to remove trocar valve debris