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InsufflatOR Needle Series

InsufflatOR Needle Series

The InsufflatOR Needle™ is a standard, Veress type needle used in establishing pneumoperitoneum prior to abdominal endoscopy.

  • Total: 2
InsufflatOR Needle™, 120mm needle (Gauge: 14GA), Sterile, (10/bx)
InsufflatOR Needle™, 150mm needle (Gauge: 14GA), Sterile, (10/bx)
  • Total: 2

Safe and efficient

• Sterile 14-gauge stainless steel needle
• Comfort handle containing a stopcock and a Luer lock connector for insufflating the abdominal cavity
• Spring-loaded, blunt stylet safety mechanism which retracts as the needle is pushed through the abdominal tissue and automatically advances forward once the peritoneum is penetrated
• Available in two lengths: 120mm and 150mm


Instructions for Use

InsufflatOR Needle™ IFU