HolstOR PRO Series

HolstOR PRO Series

The Smart Way to Handle Hot Surgical Instruments Some surgical instruments can reach temperatures of 500F / 260C and more, exposing the patient, surgeon and theatre staff to potential hazards such as burns. Always within reach. The HolstOR PRO™ isolates and holds surgical instruments securely while not is use during the procedure, reducing the number of instrument exchanges and therefore the risk of contamination and patient and staff injuries.

  • Total: 3
HolstOR PRO™, Small, 250mm instrument holder used in open surgery, yellow, Sterile, (50/bx)
HolstOR PRO™, Large, 330mm instrument holder used in laparoscopic surgery, pink, Sterile, (50/bx)
HolstOR PRO™, X-large, 410mm instrument holder used in bariatric surgery, blue, Sterile, (50/bx)
  • Total: 3

Smart, versatile surgical field organizer

  • Simple, effective, single-use device that keeps key surgical instruments always in reach of surgeons and scrub technicians
  • Unique design – flat back – prevents the HolstOR PRO™ from moving or rolling off the patient, keeping instruments within the sterile field
  • Multiple sizes , colours and applications
    • 250mm length – small, open procedures
    • 330mm length – large, laparoscopic procedures
    • 410mm length – extra large, bariatric procedures
  • Customisable to suit surgeons’ needs  as it can be used independently or in combination

Ease of use

  • “No look” aperture window allows for straight forward insertion and removal of instruments
  • Easily attached to a convenient location on the patient’s drape

Improved OR safety

  • Creates a safe transfer zone for surgical instruments, reducing the risk of patient and surgical staff injuries related to hot or sharp devices
  • No more dangerous and time-wasting cord tangling
  • Eliminates potential OR fire hazards
  • Minimizes the risk (and cost) of contamination due instruments falling of the sterile field