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Insufflation Tubing Set Series

Insufflation Tubing Set Series

The InsufflatOR Tubing Set™ is a light-weight, low torque tubing set that enables rapid insufflation of the abdominal cavity for laparoscopic procedures. Supplied with a 0.1µ filter that withstands high gas flow rates, the Insufflation Tubing Set™ offers 99.9% filtration efficiency. Being the smart link, it prevents cross contamination between patient and insufflator. The Insufflation Tubing Set™ is available with four different machine-end connections ensuring compatibility with all standard insufflators.

  • Total: 4
InsufflatOR Tubing Set™, with dual luer lock fitting, 0.1µm filter, Sterile, (10/bx)
InsufflatOR Tubing Set, w/funnel connector, Sterile, (10/bx)
InsufflatOR Tubing Set™, w/dual connector 0.1µm filter (Storz), Sterile, (10/bx)
InsufflatOR Tubing Set, w/quick disconnect, Sterile, (10/bx)
  • Total: 4

Convenient, safe and easy to use

• Sterile, single-use 2,9m (max. length) insufflation tube with 7mm inner diameter
• Contains an in-line micron filter for producing a high volume of gas, even at low pressure settings
• Filter is hydrophobic and designed to remove particles as small as 0.1µ with a minimum 99.9% effectiveness
• Soft and flexible tubing prevents kinking and allows for easy deployment in theatre without obstructing any movement
• Made of medical grade material (No use of DEHP and natural rubber latex)
• Available with four different insufflator connections
• Luer Lock connector
• Quick disconnect connector
• Funnel connector
• 15/22mm dual connector

Instructions for Use

InsufflatOR Tubing Set™ IFU