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Instructions for Use – Historical Files

As a global company, we are committed to complying with the European Union’s Commission Regulation requiring previous versions of Instructions for Use (IFU) issued in electronic form to be available online. The list below represents the previous version of the current IFUs available on Please note: be sure to visit our IFU Download Page to find the current revision of available IFUs.

IFU-169587-001-N Bookwalter Retractor Kit II
IFU-170079-001-H Crank Frame Spine Retractor Set
IFU-170929-001-M Karlin Micro Knife Blade
IFU-170929-001-M Bookwalter IMA Retractor Kit
IFU-530-1500-85-I Classic Plus Design Thin-Footplate Cervical Kerrison Rongeur
IFU-204046-001-G Bookwalter Wishbook Adjustable Frame 
IFU-205183-001-D Bookwalter Post Holder and Goose Neck Table Post
IFU-206060-001-D Magrina-Bookwalter Pelvic Retractor Kit
IFU-1000789-Rev4 FlashPak® Sterilization Container System
IFU-800-1830-85-H Diethrich Coronary Artery Bypass Kit
IFU-800-1350-85-I Diethrich Coronary Artery Bypass Kit
IFU-800-1830-85-H MICROCARE® Flexible Mat
IFU-206911-001-C Surgical Instruments for Neuro, Cardio, and Thoracic Procedures
IFU-206860-001- Surgical Instruments for Neuro and ENT Procedures
IFU-206861-001-C Surgical Instruments for Neuro and Gen Surgical Procedures
IFU-1802040-001- Disposable Vein Stripper 
IFU-204233-001-E - Reprocessing Instructions Reusable Instruments
IFU- 206835-001-H Symmetry Surgical Sharp Kerrison
IFU-SM0063-D VersaPak™
IFU-199825-001-H - Micro Instruments
IFU-197202-001-O-C - Symbols Key Guide
IFU-11002-99 - The Ultra System SP: Sterilization Container System
ERG100- Symmetry VersaGrip Laparoscopic Instrument

If you need help finding the IFU you need, please email and we will be happy to assist you.