Symmetry Surgical is now part of Aspen Surgical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I search for a specific item?

A: We've made it easy to search and browse for surgical instruments! Log into your account on our website’s Online Portal and you can find a specific item three ways:

    • Enter a keyword or product code in the search box to search our portfolio of 20,000+ surgical instruments.
    • Browse by Specialty, Product Style, Product Code or Brand or Solution from the home page.
    • Click the Products tab and browse by Solution, Specialty or Brand.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Click on the “Can We Help You?” window in the bottom right corner of your screen to be instantly connected to a product expert. Symmetry Surgical distributes products in various territories throughout the world. If you are looking for a distributed product, enter the product number into the search box or call us at 800-251-3000 for additional assistance.

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Don’t have a web account yet? Go to our Online Portal and request one.


Q: How can I get tracking information on an order?

A: Log-in on the Online Portal and click on the "My Account" then "My Orders." Within each order you can retrieve tracking information by item number.

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Don’t have a web account yet? Go to our Online Portal and request one.


Q: How can I cross reference to Symmetry Surgical products?

A: Quick Cross cross-referencing tool is available in your account on our Online Portal.
Quick Cross is the fastest way to cross reference any competitor part number. You can also add products in bulk to your cart!

If you have a Symmetry Surgical web account, please login and click on Quick Cross tab to enter up to 200 competitor part numbers in the box to the left. After entering your part numbers, click 'Search Inventory' and your results will appear to the right.

To enter your part numbers, you may type in each code, or cut and paste from Microsoft Word or Excel; just make sure that each item number is on a separate line. Also, you may enter a quantity for each line item. For example, to add a quantity of 3 for product code 9050, the line should read “9050 3.”

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Don’t have a web account yet? Go to our Online Portal and request one.


Q: How can I obtain copies of invoices?

A: Go to our Online Portal and log into your account, hover over "My Account" then click on "My Invoices." You will be able to sort by Invoice Number, Date, PO number, etc. and print individual invoices. Or, if you need personal assistance, gather your account number, Purchase Order number and/or confirmation number and call us at 800-251-3000 to obtain this information by phone.


Q: I have forgotten my account number or password.

A: In our Online Portal, request a reset by entering your email address under Forgot Password. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Once your password is reset, your account number can be found by navigating to "My Account" drop down and click on "Customer Info".


Q: I do not have an account number but need to place an urgent order.

A: Go to our Online Portal, click on New Account and complete the form; then call customer service at 800-251-3000. Our team will work to expedite the customer setup process so that we can place your order quickly.


Q: I need a confirmation for an order I placed online/over the phone/via EDI/fax.

A: If you placed your order online, a confirmation should have been emailed to you shortly after completing your order.
If you did not receive it, or if you placed your order via phone/fax/EDI, you can find this information by going to our Online Portal, click on the My Account tab and select My Orders in the drop down.

Or, if you need personal assistance, you can also call Customer Service at 800-251-3000 to obtain your order confirmation. Please have your Purchase Order available.


Q: Who do I contact if I have a complaint?

A: We are committed to delivering exceptional quality and service, and patient safety is our top priority. At Symmetry Surgical, compliance with domestic and international medical device regulations is strictly maintained at all times. Feedback is a critical part of our Quality Management Systems and it helps us monitor our product and process performance to ensure we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Product complaints are addressed promptly by our Complaint Handling Team. Complaints may be reported by contacting your Sales Representative, our Customer Service team or emailing the Complaint Handling Team directly.

Our team will provide a Return Material Authorizations (RMA) to facilitate the product return and to allow for a timely and thorough investigation of the complaint. A Symmetry Surgical Representative will contact you throughout the investigation process to keep you informed of progress as well as the final resolution.
Product Complaint? Call 1.800.251.3000 or via email at:


Q: If I have a question about my credit limit or terms, need a statement of my account, or need a copy of an invoice?

A: Please email your Account Receivables team at


Q: If I need to update my account information, (e.g. billing address, name change, GPO information, or Manifest Billing Account Number) who do I need to contact?

A: Please send any account related updates to our Financial Services Team at


Q: If I have questions regarding my EDI Transactions, Ship To Account Information, or need to establish EDI Capabilities, who should I contact?

A: We utilize GHX for almost all of our EDI Transactions. You can request an account through the GHX Portal, using our Supplier Code 060741840. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please reach out to Financial Services at or contact GHX at


Q: How do I find Instructions for Use (IFU)?

A: Use the Search box at the top of any page to find the item you need. If available online, the PDF can be found under the “Documents” tab directly below the product image.
If you still need help locating the IFU you are looking for, please email and we will be happy to assist you.


Q: Where do I find Quality Certificates?

A: Go to Quality Certificates online.